A Big Splash for the Entertainment, Technology and Media industry

Video Trailers, TV Commercials, Promotional Videos, Show Reels, Web Video Content. We deliver amazing videos that will generate high ROI for your business on-time and within budget. Whether it's a one-off commercial or many as part of your marketing campaign, we have a knack for delivering the best and ideal video solution that hit the hearts of your target audience.

ビデオトレイラー、テレビコマーシャル、プロモーションビデオ、動画ショーリール、ウェブ動画コンテンツ。 あなたが本当にエキサイティングで素晴らしいビデオを時間通り、予算通りほしい、また、ビジネスに高いROI(投資対効果)を生みたいとお思いでしたら、当社があなたのための最適なチームです。 それが一回限定の広告やグローバルマーケティングキャンペーンかどうかに関わらず、当社はあなたの対象者の心を打つ最高に理想的なビデオソリューションを提供するためのすべてを持っています。



ボクと僕の世界で / I & Me (Trailer)

For our client, Rainy Frog, we created trailer for their Nintendo Switch game, ボクと僕の世界で (I & Me)

Nobunaga's Paradise (TV Commercial)

Full production of Energy Frontline new promotional campaign

Eliminage Original - Nintendo 3DS (Trailer)

We created the full trailer for Ninja Games Japan's new title.

Sinner (Announcement Trailer)

Full CG trailer of an excellent new PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE game

Tribal Siege (Teaser Trailer)

Full CG trailer of an excellent new Steam game

U-Explore Space Adventure - Wii U (Trailer)

We received high praises from our second Nintendo Japan's Wii U game trailer.

Piczle Lines (Trailer)

Full production promotional video of the Nintendo Switch game.

Beauty in Japan 1 (Photo)

We captured the beauty in the radiant early summers of Japan. 日本の美しさ

Japan's upcoming dancing Sensation (Photo)

We captured fantastic modelling shots of Japan's upcoming foreign dancing talent

Nobunaga's Paradise Episode 2 (TV Commercial)

2nd Episode of Energy Frontline new promotional campaign

Kenge Group - Elegance One

1st photoshoot movie for Kenge Group

Renegage Show Model(Photo)

A photo of Renegage's model

Kenge Group - The Crosswalk

2nd photoshoot movie for Kenge Group

Our ShowReel 2016

Our Film, Graphics and Photography work

Colt Corporation (TV Commercial)

We created a 15 seconds TV commercial for Colt.

Mazda's Show Model(Photo)

A photo of Mazda's model

Carter Group & WA Space (TV Commercial)

For the Carter Group, we created a 15 seconds TV Commercial that was aired on CNN in Japan.

Jason & Shuelee Wedding (Photo)

Jason and Shuelee on their wedding day.

Nekojarashi Case Study (Feature)

We created a Case Study video for Nekojarashi and Colt

Kyoto Night Shot 2015 (Photo)

A radient night shot of a small traditional style bridge in Kyoto.

Kyoto Girls (Photo)

Three beautiful Kyoto girls enjoying their day.

Colt Corporate Video 2016

Entirely in 3D graphics, we created a global corporate video for Colt.

Beauty in Japan 2 (Photo 2)

We captured the beauty in the radiant early summers of Japan. 日本の美しさ

Beauty in Japan 3 (Photo)

We captured the beauty in the radiant early summers of Japan. 日本の美しさ

Ambient Drive (Photo)

We worked with a publisher for their upcoming Ambient Drive article.

Ambient Drive promo (Photo) Advert 1

We worked with a publisher for their upcoming Ambient Drive article.

WA SPACE (45secs TV Commercial)

We filmed and created a fun TV commercial for WA SPACE

Jizo buddhis statues Nikko (Photo)

The pastel of the Jizo buddhis statues.

Ema, Pastels of Nikko (Photo)

The pastel colours of an Ema at the Shinto Shrine.

Nikko Surreal (Photo)

A great vintage style photo we took in Nikko, Japan.

"Alone" Preview - (Short Movie)

Our Short Movie sneak peak

The Sisters - Book (Trailer)

For our client, Spectrum Books, we created trailer for their book title, The Sisters

Guy & Girl in Ueno Park (Photo)

A great constrast between the guy & girl couple, the cityscape, and the beautiful vegetation.

Man walking alone in Tokyo a night (Photo)

Walking Alone in Tokyo

Tecmask 2 (TV Commercial)

We worked with PhotoLife to create an online TV commercial of Tecmask lastest products

Fountain stuck in Time (Photo)

A great high shutter-speed shot of water stuck in time.

Conquer & Conquer 4 (Trailer)

Together with Electronic Arts, we created a fantastic trailer of Command & Conquer 4

Galaxy on Fire Alliances (TV Commercial)

English and German Voice over TV Spot

Forza Motorsport 3 (Trailer)

We made a trailer for Turn 10, Microsoft, to promote their steller Xbox title.

WA Space TV Commercial (Photo)

Quick photo peek at our latest TV commercial.

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars (Trailer)

A classic trailer that we made at our time back at EA

Big Splash model at Tokyo Auto Salon '15 (Photo)

Our model at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Trailer)

Our passion for video games showsin our work on this trailer that we did with EA.

Versus Battlecast (Online TV Documentary)

We created a new Online TV Show, VERSUS Battlecast.

Etherxen (Digital Signage Video Commercial)

We teamed up with KVH Asia to create a 15 seconds compelling digital signage commercial that was showcased at Shinagawa station in Tokyo.

Need for Speed Carbon (Trailer)

We created a trailer of the EA classic game

Memories of Kyoto (Short Film)

We created an amazing promo video for our client in Kyoto

Artistic Anime Car (Photo)

Wonderful creativity on part of the car owner.

Lords of Football (Launch Trailer)

BIG SPLASH created the launch trailer to Geniaware newest game for the PC.

Pictionary (TV Commercials)

Our classic Pictionary mobile TV commercials.

Lost in Akihabara (Photo)

A women walking curiously and a little lostin Akihabara

Lords of Football (TV Commercial)

We created an exciting TV spot that was aired on SPORTS1 channels in Germany.

Tecmask 1 (TV Commercial)

We worked with PhotoLife to create an online TV commercial of Tecmask lastest products

Ridge Racer 2 (Trailer)

We produced a trailer of NAMCO BANDAI's classic arcade racing game, RIDGE RACER 2.

Big Web Company (Showreel)

We created a elusive show reel for Big Web Company.

Akiba Relaxation (Photo)

Two Japanese girls relaxing and catching up with time in Akihabara, Japan.

Tokyo Auto Salon '15 Model 1 (Photo)

A beautiful and very cute Japanese model showcasing a A-Class Toyota GT car.

Beastly Locomotion (Photo)

An incredible photo capture from our soon to be released short car movie, Beastly Locomotion.

TRON iPad (TV Commercial)

An amazing TV commercial that we created for Apple in promotion for TRON Legacy.

Lords of Football (2nd Trailer)

This is the second mini trailer we made for Lords of Football

Traditional Japanese Man & Women (Photo)

A wonderful picture showing a Japanese couple planning their travel route in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Properties Showcase (Short Film)

Using nothing but photos, we can convert these images into stunning 3D properties showcase

Bayonetta - The Umbran Arts (CG Video)

We created all the motion graphics for the upcoming Umbran Arts guide.

Helmet Screen Man (Photo)

A surprising photo shot out of nowhere capturing Helmet Screen Man in action

School Trip in Kyoto (Photo)

School students observing the wonders of Kyoto

Big Splash - logo (Animation)

Our fitst CG video of our previous logo

A Sunset over Winsor (Photo)

A beautiful sunset in Oxford, England.

Tokyo Auto Salon '15 Model 2 (Photo)

A beautiful and very cute Japanese model showcasing a A-Class Toyota GT car.

Need For Speed Shift (Trailer)

EA challenged us to create a frantic trailer that would immediately grab the attention of mainstream racing fans.

さようなら菖蒲高校 (Short Movie)

We created a beautiful goodbye video of Saitama Prefectural Shoubu High School in Japan.

Sentience Quotient - Film (Trailer)

We created a trailer of the movie, Sentience Quotient

DCNet (Promo Video)

Using nothing but 3D graphics, we created a promo that communicate KVH Asia's new ethernet service.

Music Band, Greenworld (Photo)

We caught the popular Japanese band, Greenworld, for a great photo opportunity.

Kuki Sports Centre (Trailer)

We created a trailer for Kuki City Sports that was also aired on Japanese TV.

Modelling in London, UK (Photo)

We love this photo capturing our beautiful Japanese model, Jessa, in London, UK.

Photography of a Photographer (Photo)

A Gentleman waiting to Cross over in Ueno, Japan.

A Model looking into her Camera (Photo)

A great photo showing our beautiful model with her skin radiating her surroundings.

JMEC 2014 Awards (Promo Video)

We filmed, edited and provided the graphics for the JMEC 2014 Awards promo video

Photography of a Photographer (Photo)

A great photography picture capturing the moments of a locally famous Japanese photographer.

The Surreal Streets of Ueno, Japan (Photo)

A great picture captured in Ueno that communicate so many interesting stories within one shot.

The Inner-Depth of Ueno, Japan (Photo)

This is a shot of an outdoor izakaya styl'ish bar that is located in the depth of Ueno, Japan

EA Interactive (Promo Video)

We created a video with Electronic Arts that communicated what EA Interactive is all about.

Famous journalist, Yumi (Photo)

Photo session with famous Yumi

Command & Conquer 3 (Smartphone Trailer)

Trailer of Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars.

A Sea of People in Ueno Market (Photo)

A great high shutter-speed shot of water stuck in time.

DCNet (Animation)

We created the DCNet logo animation for KVH Asia

Toki Tori 2 - Wii-U Gameplay Trailer

A adorable and clean gameplay trailer of Toki Tori 2

Daytona USA (Trailer)

We created a fantastic trailer of SEGA's classic game, Dayona USA.

The Wonders of Ueno in Tokyo (Photo)

A manificent picture capturing the wonders of Ueno in Tokyo.

Lords of Football (3rd Trailer)

We created a series of mini trailers for Lords of Football

Veritas Traders (Online Commercial)

A commercial comprising of motion graphics.

Lord of Football (Animation)

We created the logo animation for Lords of Football


Big Splash is all about creating an epic state of anticipation.  We create content that raises the adrenaline of our audiences.  We know that many people can edit videos but the question is, can they really “EDIT”?  Can they create videos that have an impact?  Big Splash is in the driving seat of viewer’s emotion and taking them on a journey. With a big splash of creativity and a big wave of ingenuity we produce videos that are both compelling, epic and unforgettable.   

Big Splash is video production company based in London and Tokyo.   With over 15 years of experience, Big Splash’s talented team define the strength which allows them to deliver energetic, engaging and market focused videos.

Big Splash delivers a number of services including:  Short Films, Promotional videos, Commercials, Trailers, Digital Storage, Showreels, Music Videos, Voice Coaching and Films.

We work with large companies and individuals across the gaming, automobiles, fashion and publishing industries. Big Splash’s clients include Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Mitsubushi Motor s and KVH Asia. 


Big Splash(ビッグスプラッシュ)は、先見の明のある叙事詩的なものづくりを得意としています。私たちは、視聴者のアドレナリンを上げるコンテンツを作成しています。  多くの人がビデオ編集をできますが、問題は、『本当に”EDIT”できるのか?』『インパクトのある動画ビデオを作れるのか?』

Big Splashは、視聴者の感情のいわばドライバー席にいて、旅へとお連れします。創造性のBig Splash(大海練)と工夫性のBig Wave(大波)により、当社は説得力のある壮大、且つ、忘れられないのビデオを制作します。

Big Splashは、英国ロンドンと東京を拠点に展開する映像制作会社です。Big Splashの有能なチームは、15年以上の経験により、活気をお届けし、エンゲージを強化できる市場中心のビデオを提供することを可能にする強さを兼ね備えています。

Big Splashは以下を含む多くのサービスを提供しています:ショートフィルム、プロモーションビデオ、コマーシャル、トレーラー、デジタルストレージ、Showreels、ミュージックビデオ、ヴォイスコーチングやフィルム等。

当社は、ゲーム、自動車、ファッション、出版業界の大企業や個人アーティストと協力しています。Big Splashのクライアントは、エレクトロニック·アーツ(EA)、マイクロソフト(Microsoft)、三菱モーターズ(Mitsubishi Motors)とKVHアジアなどです。



OUR Clients

Our Services

Producing, script writing, directing, editing, audio and video work. 





Electronic Arts Inc. - "They know how to excite our target audience"

"Thanks to the technical expertise, excellent creative taste and dedication of the Big Splash team I've always been impressed by their work. They know how to create content that excites and hits home to our target audience, and their extensive experience in the Games & Movies industry really shines in everything they do. I strongly recommend them." - Jaime Gonzalo, Electronic Arts

Moblaster Ltd. - "We wondered if they can also walk on water!"

"We approached BIG SPLASH to give them a one-off task of designing our media pack but now they are creating all our marketing assets. The team has excellent creative skills and their professionalism is top notch. We wondered if they can also walk on water! We would recommend BIG SPLASH to any business that needs amazing video work." - Neil Stewart, Moblaster Ltd

Vertitas Traders Ltd. - "Marketing & Video Ingenuity are top class!"

"Big Splash truly provides our company that splash of creativity. Their marketing & video ingenuity are top class, excelling above many companies we have dealt with before. Thanks to them, we have made a 74% ROI in our executions. Thanks to their excellent work we put then on a retainer for all our marketing deliveries. Great job!" - Eamon Philips, Veritas Traders Ltd.


Glenis Baptiste Ltd. - "Big Splash brought our company to another level."

"BIG SPLASH Creative has been a great investment. We had tried other video companies to capture and cast our branding to the fashion world with flare but whilst their output was always satisfactory, BIG SPLASH brought our company to another level with exquisite reels that really makes them one of the elites. It's brilliant to see how versatile and supportive the BIG SPLASH team is. We'll definitely continue to use them for future marketing activities." - Glenis Baptiste, Glenis Baptiste Ltd.


KVH Asia Inc. - "Our entire company is proud to continue working with them."

"Always more than satisfied! Ever since Big Splash approached us in Japan, we knew that they were special but we didn't anticipated how talented they were. Their strategic, creative, and commercial thinking is top notch. They have a great understanding of what we require, and their attentional services such as coaching, not only improved the quality of our assets, but they have also improve the skillset of our employees. We've worked with Big Splash on several projects and we'll continue to work with them with many more." - Peter Jedrey, KVH Asia Ltd.

GENIAWARE Ltd. - "Pure natural talent that we love to use for our business."

"Big Splash has been incredibly suppportive for many years and we always love working with them. From game consultation, producing video materials, and more, Big Splash has been incredibly impactful to our success and we will continue to work with them in the future" - Sabrina Gasson, Marketing Manager


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