BIG SPLASH Creative is your one-stop creative shop for producing Promotional Videos, Commercials and filming Events and Ethnographic interviews for all industries. They also develop highly creative 2D Marketing Artworks and Web Content. Whether you need a "one-off" execution or managing large scale multi-party projects, BIG SPLASH the experience, capabilities, tenacity and network to fulfil your needs by delivery the most fulfilling and exciting creative solution that will keep your audience desiring for more.




Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer.

Vigil - The Longest Night

Steam and Consoles Announcement Trailer.

Gigawreaker ALT

Nintendo Switch & Playstation 4 Launch Trailer.

Drop Squad: The Escape

Smartphone TV Commercial and Announcement Trailer

Drop Squad: The Escape

Smartphone Gameplay Trailer

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Steam, Xbox One, Playstation 4 Launch Trailer


Steam PC Announcement Trailer

Nobunaga's Paradise: Epsode 1

Promotional TV Commercial & Webisode

A Gummy's Life

Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Mirari Ocha Aslisama

Online Webisode Promotional Video.

TRON Legacy iPad Movies

Apple iPad National TV Commercial


Playstation 4 Launch Trailer

Tribal Siege

Steam Greenlight Teaser Trailer

Hilton Hotel Odaiba: Japanese

Promotional Video

Piczle Lines

Nintendo Switch Trailer

Another Sight

Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation 4 Story Trailer.

Japan's upcoming dancing Sensation

Portrait photography

Instant Tennis

Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Kenge Group - Elegance One

Promtional Video Showcase

Renegage Show Model

Portrait Photography

Kenge Group - The Crosswalk

Promotional Video

Need for Speed Carbon

Playstation, Xbox and Origin Trailer

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Steam, PS4 & Nintendo Switch Story Trailer.

Colt Corporation

TV Commercial

Carter Group & WA Space

TV & Online Commercial

Colt Corporate Video 2016

Online Promotional Service Video

Beauty in Japan / 日本の美しさ

Portrait Photography

Ambient Drive

Distant Photography, Magazine advertisement.

Jizo buddhis statues Nikko

Scenery Photography

Nikko Surreal

Scenery Photography


Short Movie Sneak Preview

Man walking alone in Tokyo a night

Scenery Photography

Fountain stuck in Time

Fast Shutter Photography

Conquer & Conquer 4

Playstation, Xbox, Origin Launch Trailer

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

Playstation, Xbox and PC Official Launch Trailer

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Playstation, Xbox and Origin Announcement Trailer


Smartphone National TV commercial.

Lords of Football

PC National TV Commercial

U-Explore Space Adventure

Nintendo Wii-U Launch Trailer

Lords of Football

PC 2nd Trailer

A Sunset over Winsor

Scenery Photography

Need For Speed Shift

Playstation, Xbox and PC Announcement Trailer


Promotional Service Video.

Photography of a Photographer

Portrait Photography

JMEC 2014 Awards

Promotional Interview Video.

Surreal Streets of Ueno

Sceney Photography

Inner-Depth of Ueno

Scenery Photography

EA Interactive

Promotional Video

Daytona USA

Xbox and Playstation Promotional Trailer


Big Splash is all about creating an epic state of Anticipation.  We create content that raises the adrenaline and excitement of our audiences to make them engaged and become invested in a product/service.  Video Editing is a Fine-Art that must be balanced between creative vision and fulfilling a business objective. With this, while many people can edit, not everyone knows how to really "edit". Big Splash's 15 years of experience includes a diverse range of intangible skillsets that include Marketing, Strategic Product Management & Positioning, Market Analysis & Research, Game Development, Film & Video Production, and Psychology. This allows the company to use their ingenuity to figuratively place themselves in the driver seat of the viewer's emotions, and guide them on an exciting and unforgettable journey.

Big Splash is a media production company based in London and Tokyo and their client range from corporate companies to ambitious individuals. 



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Producing, script writing, directing, editing, audio and video work. 





Electronic Arts Inc. - "They know how to excite our target audience"

"Thanks to the technical expertise, excellent creative taste and dedication of the Big Splash team I've always been impressed by their work. They know how to create content that excites and hits home to our target audience, and their extensive experience in the Games & Movies industry really shines in everything they do. I strongly recommend them." - Jaime Gonzalo, Electronic Arts

Moblaster Ltd. - "We wondered if they can also walk on water!"

"We approached BIG SPLASH to give them a one-off task of designing our media pack but now they are creating all our marketing assets. The team has excellent creative skills and their professionalism is top notch. We wondered if they can also walk on water! We would recommend BIG SPLASH to any business that needs amazing video work." - Neil Stewart, Moblaster Ltd

Vertitas Traders Ltd. - "Marketing & Video Ingenuity are top class!"

"Big Splash truly provides our company that splash of creativity. Their marketing & video ingenuity are top class, excelling above many companies we have dealt with before. Thanks to them, we have made a 74% ROI in our executions. Thanks to their excellent work we put then on a retainer for all our marketing deliveries. Great job!" - Eamon Philips, Veritas Traders Ltd.


Glenis Baptiste Ltd. - "Big Splash brought our company to another level."

"BIG SPLASH Creative has been a great investment. We had tried other video companies to capture and cast our branding to the fashion world with flare but whilst their output was always satisfactory, BIG SPLASH brought our company to another level with exquisite reels that really makes them one of the elites. It's brilliant to see how versatile and supportive the BIG SPLASH team is. We'll definitely continue to use them for future marketing activities." - Glenis Baptiste, Glenis Baptiste Ltd.


KVH Asia Inc. - "Our entire company is proud to continue working with them."

"Always more than satisfied! Ever since Big Splash approached us in Japan, we knew that they were special but we didn't anticipated how talented they were. Their strategic, creative, and commercial thinking is top notch. They have a great understanding of what we require, and their attentional services such as coaching, not only improved the quality of our assets, but they have also improve the skillset of our employees. We've worked with Big Splash on several projects and we'll continue to work with them with many more." - Peter Jedrey, KVH Asia Ltd.

Another Indie. - "They made excellent trailers that massively helped in our promotion."

""Big Spalsh Creative was a pleasure to work with, quick, efficient, and honest. They made excellent trailers that massively helped in our promotion and we look forward to working with Big Splash Creative again." - Iain Mgarner, Another Indie Ltd.


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